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April 29, 2012
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New Technologies, New Services, Great Deals for our Patients!

Spring is officially here! In that spirit The Snevel Dental Group Ltd. has gone through some renewals of its own and I would like to use today’s blog post to inform you about some of the new services that we are currently offering to our patients!

Air Abrasion Stain Removal:

Are you a coffee/tea drinker?  Do you notice that you have stains on your teeth that no matter how hard you try you can’t remove?  You’re not alone!  Many Americans suffer from tenacious stains that are present on their teeth as a result of diet, or habits like smoking.  By using air abrasion these stains can quickly and painlessly be removed.  

            Air Abrasion uses a fine powder mix of pumice, and silica particles in combination with air pressure to remove the deep stains on your teeth.  As an added benefit after a few treatments your teeth will be more resistant to stain due to the enamel surface becoming polished and less porous.  There is no pain, typical procedures take between 15-30 minutes and only costs $35.00. 

            Pair it up with our custom whitening system and your smile will sparkle just in time for spring! 


Digital Dentures:

            Are you thinking about getting a new set of dentures?  Our office is proud to offer AvaDent Digital Dentures to our patients seeking affordable new dentures.   Through a very sophisticated manufacturing process these dentures are computer designed and fabricated.  It only takes 2 appointments!  As opposed to conventional dentures that can take up to 7 appointments before the final product is delivered.  Because of the reduced chair time, these dentures can be offered at a lower price, and they are some of the most beautiful life like dentures I have ever seen. 

            Since a computer is in control of making the dentures the dentures fit perfectly and often times require little to no adjustments.  In addition, your specific denture can be stored for future reference.  Which means if you ever loose, break, or simply want a spare set an EXACT copy can be made that will fit the same and look the same as your existing set.    



            Most of you probably already know what Invisalign can offer you, but for those of you that don’t allow me to explain.  Invisalign is a method of straightening and correcting crooked teeth WITHOUT the need for brackets and wires.  By using a progressive system of clear aligners, Invisalign can move your teeth and correct any mal-occlusion that you may have. 

            Because the aligners can be taken in an out, you can continue to eat the foods you love, and continue to have excellent care of your teeth.  This is something that is almost impossible with conventional braces.  The benefits of straight teeth are numerous and to list them all here would be impossible.  If you’re interested you can schedule a no fee consultation, where we will evaluate your situation and discuss any questions you may have. 


For a limited time only our first 10 Invisalign patients will pay a significantly reduced price*

The Wand: STA Anesthesia

            STA stands for ‘single tooth anesthesia’ and it is a method of making a tooth numb with minimal involvement of the surrounding structures.  By using a precise machine that can control the amount and flow rate of novacaine, a single tooth can be anesthetized painlessly.  You heard right PAINLESSLY!!  Gone are the days of fearing ‘the shot’ at the dental office.  We can offer you this painless alternative as an alternative in most cases when you come for your restorative work at our office.  Since the anesthesia is targeted to only one tooth, you will not have the heavy, fat lip, or numb tongue sensation often associated with dental procedures. 

            This is a wonderful addition to our practice and has really helped ease the fear and anxiety that prevents many people from seeking the dental care that they so badly need.   If you have any questions please feel free to call our office at any time and schedule a consultation. 



As always, if you have ANY questions or concerns don’t hesitate to call our office.  We are here to help you in any way we can.



Enjoy the weather!



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