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Recently Dr. Gregory Snevel traveled to Valencia, Spain to attend the CamLog international dental implant conference.  The conference is held every 5 years, and serves as an educational opportunity for clinicians to share ideas and learn new techniques related to dental implants and dental implant surgery.  Dr. Snevel was not only a guest at this conference, he was a presenter as well!

                Dr. Snevel received international recognition for a case that he performed earlier in the year.  He was honored alongside a handful of doctors and surgeons from around the world for his advanced surgical techniques and stellar results that he achieved.  An international team of judges and evaluators selected Dr. Snevel’s work based on the skill of the surgery, and the finished product.  It wasn’t all work however, Dr. Snevel spent the next 5 days with his family and toured the city of Valencia. Taking in the cultural sites, and enjoying some good weather and food. 

                Needless to say that trip was a huge success!  Dr. Snevel returned energized and enlightened.  Our office boasts some of the most technologically advanced surgical procedures and products to serve our patients with true next century dentistry.  If you would like to know more about what implant dentistry can do for you, please don’t hesitate to call our office and schedule a consultation.  Dr. Snevel can tailor a treatment plan specifically for you that fits within your lifestyle and budget.



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